Thursday, 18 January 2018

Happy Thrilling Thursday Friends!!

Hello Friends!

Today it is Zackery's Birthday! We all sang and wished him a Happy Birthday!!

This morning we visited Ms. Smith's Grade 1 Market. The kids were able to purchase some snacks and drinks with our reading buddies for their morning snack. Here are some photos from our shopping experience:

Today we revisited our math concept that we learned yesterday, rounding decimals. We had a lot more success with this and worked on a math package. The kiddos worked in groups and worked on the math problems. Anyone that needed a little extra help sat in my group.

In language today, I held more conferences and edited some of the kids writing to check for proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Some of us are on are way to writing or typing out or final copies. Please send your child to school with their device tomorrow so that if they would like to type their speech they can used language time to do so.

We continued to work on our UOI Religion projects. We are getting creative and meaningful with this concept. I excited to see everyone's poster boards once they are complete and ready to present. To continue to work away at this project please send your child to school with some materials to put together their posters ie. poster, construction paper, etc.

Math: Finish math package

Speeches - Work on intro, topics and conclusion

UOI: Religion Summative - bring in materials for poster

Important Dates:
Medieval Times Form Due Monday Jan. 22 - please don't forget :)
Jump Rope For Heart Due Feb. 20th

Thanks everyone, have a great day,

Ms. Samuel

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

SJA Annual Poetry and Speech Recital

Religion Rules Summative

Happy Wonderful Wednesday!!

Today's math we learned about how to round decimals. Using what we know about rounding whole numbers, we applied this and rounded our decimals to the nearest whole number using the value of our digit in the 10ths place. So we know that any digit in the 10ths place that is 5 or greater will round our whole number up, any digit in the 10ths place lower than 5 will round our whole number down ie. 12.3 would round to 12 or 7.55 would round to 8. We struggled in some areas with this concept, so we do not have math homework tonight, but we will revisit the concept tomorrow. I think our brains were in a bit of a math overload and we just need a little break. So we will be ready and get back at it tomorrow!

Today we continued to push through our speeches. Their topics are coming along really well. I am very impressed with how the class has complied their research into their topics. I can't wait until its time to present. I had conference time with each student to see where they are; most students are completing their subtopics and conclusion and others are already starting their first rough copy! Great work and keep pushing through.

During last period we worked independently on our UOI: Religion summative. Just a reminder that the materials for this project are to be provided by the students. If you need a little extra help with supplies please send me an email.


No math homework today

Language: Continue to practice spelling words for lesson 17- Test this Friday!
Rough copy of speech
Continue to work on subtopics/research for speech

UOI: continue to create your religion/ research the religion you practice

Important Dates:
Medieval Times Forms - Due Mon. Jan 22
Jump Rope for Heart- Due Feb 20

Thanks all, see you tomorrow!!

Ms. Samuel

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Happy Terrific Tuesday!

Hello Samuel Friends,

Today the kiddos learned how to compare decimals. The were asked to order them from least to greatest and greatest to least. We used our knowledge of converting decimals into fractions and making equivalent decimals to help us complete our task.

We worked on our speeches today! Things are going really well and the kids are putting their intros and subtopics together nicely. Tomorrow we will be learning how to write a conclusion, some students have already tackled this task on their ow, which is amazing, but we will go over this as a class tomorrow.

We started working on our UOI summative: Create Your Own Religion. Please let me know via email if you do not want your child to create a religion and that you would prefer if they write about a religion that they practice. Also a reminder, all supplies (ie, presentation board) are to be provided by you!

I can wait to learn about everyone's religion.


Math pg. 122-123 2 a,c,e  3 b,c  4 a,d  7a,b - if these were complete in class students to try 5 &6

Language: Work on writing subtopics, continue to collect research if necessary
Practice spelling words

UOI: Continue to create your religion/research religion

Important Dates:
Medieval Times Trip form is due Jan. 22nd
Jump Rope For Heart due Feb 20th

Have a great night Samuel Friends!

March Break Camp Update

Hello everyone, 

Just a friendly reminder that registration forms were sent home back in October. We have had many students sign up since then and especially the last few days. If you are interested in registering your child for our amazing March Break camp, please send in the completed  registration form, along with the $20 one-time non-refundable deposit in order to secure your child's spot (this could be paid in cash or through fresh books). This year there are two options to choose from, the first being lunch and two snacks provided, or the second option of sending your child with a packed lunch and a discounted camp rate. We also have daily rates available. Please contact Ms. Smith for more details. 

Thanks so much everyone, 

Ms. Samuel

Happy Thrilling Thursday Friends!!

Hello Friends! Today it is Zackery's Birthday! We all sang and wished him a Happy Birthday!! This morning we visited Ms. Smit...